Using a postpartum photo, a mother of two demonstrates the “realistic” side of giving birth

The mother of two said that women shouldn’t feel under any pressure to immediately alter the way their bodies seem after giving birth. It took Kristen Sullivan four days to work up the nerve to upload this picture.

The 35-year-old mother admitted that she had some hesitations about sharing this intimate photo since she was concerned about the unfavorable feedback that would undoubtedly follow. But after a gentle prod from my incredibly supportive husband, I overcame my reluctance and published it because I knew how grateful the mom community on Instagram would be.

She said on the social networking platform, “I’m sharing this to show moms that sometimes your body expands in such a way that simply doesn’t enable you to ‘bounce back’ in three weeks. It doesn’t matter if you were skinny, ate well, or exercised during pregnancy. “I feel like all I’ve been seeing lately are new mothers showing off their incredible postpartum bodies, whether it’s 11 days after giving birth or two weeks later, etc. While that may be good for them, many others are aware that it is not possible.

37 weeks

The left photo is 3 weeks postpartum, the right photo is 9 weeks.

The left pic is 3 days before giving birth, the right pic is 3 weeks postpartum.

Almost 1 year postpartum.

19 months postpartum.


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